Live Casinos to use Kaspersky Anti Viral Software

  • Oct 30, 2020

online security

In the current age, everything is digital. We have e-book instead of books, e-mail instead of mail and e-commerce instead of commerce. These changes have made us change our mode of storing and transferring data. Technology has also exposed people to different security threats. People no longer need to break into your office to steal or alter your information. All they need to do is bypass your cybersecurity. To ensure a stronger cybersecurity, especially for live casinos, you need a good software. One of such programs is the antivirus software.

Casinos deal with a lot of personal and financial information. In this regard, it is imperative that they provide good cybersecurity services. Recently, Kaspersky published a report showing that most of its recent software purchases were from live casinos.

Live casinos are casinos where players can gamble over the internet. Although they are web games, players play against each other in real time. Most live casinos are usually no download casinos. They rely on a web browser and an internet connection. It is no surprise that the players will log in from various web browsers. The duty of providing security falls solely on these live casinos.

Live casinos have a lot going on when it comes to security. They do this not only to ensure that their client’s data is safe but also to please online casino news sites as they are featured regularly and wouldn’t want to end up being mentioned in the press for all the wrong reasons. One such news site is which keeps abreast its readers about the latest developments in the world of online casinos being, licences, jurisdictions, new game launches, accounts figures and more.

Kaspsersky provides features like webcam protection, VPN and encryption. These are necessary in ensuring the protection of online players. With proper encryption and anti theft measures, no third party can access the personal and financial information of players. In all, it is a commendable action from these online casinos.

The Best Premium Antivirus Software


Antivirus software help you detect and defend your computer and network against viruses. Viruses can cause various damages to your computer. Some even corrupt all the information on your computer. Below are some premium antivirus software.

Kaspersky Total Security


Kaspersky is one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity. Although it offers many packages, Kaspersky Total Security is one of the best options. It has malware detection, a virtual keyboard, random ware protection, an online account portal. It also ensures a secure browser, good parental controls, anti-theft, webcam protection, a file shredder, file encryption, a password manager and a VPN.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus


This antivirus has no effect on system performance. It provides you with a secure browser, an unlimited password manager, a network scanner, protection from ransomware, a file scanner, file encryption, a firewall, parental control, webcam protection, a system optimizer and anti-theft protection.

Norton 360 Deluxe


Just like Kaspersky, Norton has multiple antivirus pieces of software. It offers the best security features and makes up for its lack of file shredder with secure browser, or file encryption by giving you unlimited VPN service, a password manager, parental control, personal data monitoring, and 50 GB of online storage space. It can also run background scans without slowing down your computer.

You should note that the features stated above are a summary of all the available packages provided by these antivirus software. You may not get the whole features listed if you opt for the cheapest version. Furthermore, there are also free antivirus software. They can be trial versions of the premium versions provided to customers to lure them into buying the premium software. They may also be free versions available for an unlimited time, and they provide only the basic features.